Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Act II, Scene 2 - Study Questions

  1. By what decision is Launcelot Gobbo torn? Which way is his conscience pulling him?
  2. Usually servants and other lower-class people are comic figures in a Shakespearean play. Their language is always in prose, not verse; frequently they muddle their words and engage in word play and puns. Does Launcelot Gobbo seem to fit this picture?
  3. As father and son speak to Bassanio, Bassanio becomes exasperated. What makes this scence comic?
  4. Define "malapropism." What are some malaprops you note in Old Gobbo's comments?
  5. When Gratiano asks Bassanio if he may accompany him to Belmont, what is Bassanio's response?


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